Special Members

Travel Agent Association of R.O.C. Taiwan / Taipei Association of Travel Agent / The Hotel Association of R.O.C. / Hot Spring Visitor Association of R.O.C. / Rich Marketing & Communication / Top Link International Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Japan Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. / Takaaki Maeda the representative of LEADERS CLUB / JAPAN PFI・PPP Association / The Cultural Foundation For Promoting the international cosplay / Miss World Japan

Mutual Cooperative Business Partners

Travel Agent Association of R.O.C. Taiwan / Top Link International Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Transworld International Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Rich Marketing & Communication


Shunsuke Ando
Honorary Director:
Kunio Kanou, Former Aichi Prefecture Tourism Association Director
Honorary Director:
Yoshiaki Nakamura, Japan Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. CEO
Honorary Director:
Judy Lin, Industrialist, TV Caster, Writer, CM Model
Honorary Director:
Goro Isohisa, Cool Japan Association, General Incorporated Association Representative Director
Honorary Director:
Keiko Katsuya, Career Branging Association Chief Director
Honorary Director:
Shizuko Hirata, Hirata Works Co., Ltd. & Sunny Side Up Career Inc. Representative Director & publication Producer
Honorary Director:
Yoriko Noma, Miyakezaka Sogo Law Offices Lawyer
Honorary Director:
Shouzi Shimomura, Shimomura Okumura Tax Corporation

Profile: Shunsuke Ando, Chairman

  • After working for one of Asia’s largest English-language publishers, a leading video game maker, and a major advertising agency, Ando established his own business as a producer, engaging in planning, management, and production of artistic talent and expos both in Japan and overseas.
  • He has handled many aviation and tourism marketing projects for clients including Iran Air, Pan-Am, Continental Airlines, NorthWest Airlines, the Hawaii Tourism Authority, and the Guam Visitors Bureau. From 1990 to 1998 he was the special Japanese representative of the Governor of Guam, helping to attract more than 1 million Japanese visitors to Guam.
  • He currently acts as a business and marketing adviser to many corporations.
  • He is also the author of Moshi kaze ga mieru nara (If the wind were visible), a nonfiction work published by Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.